25 days of service

25 days of service

December 01, 2017

It's December 1st, which means it's the beginning of #plainjanetraditions! We've reached out to a few mamas to see what traditions you incorporate in your family during the holiday season. I absolutely love creating new traditions with my family so this gives me, and you, a fun list to use if you are in need of a few new ideas. We are starting off the month with our long time customer + friend Cassaundra, she's a mother of 4 living in sunny California. 

Cassaundra's 25 days of service:

 We started the 25 Days of Service a few years ago during the Holiday Season. Each day, starting December 1st we come up with ways to give to others or our Earth. The holidays are so magical and I wanted my kids to remember more and to feel more deeply. As a toy minimalist and an experience maximalist I was searching for ways to connect my children to the holiday season outside of fulfilling wishlists. I grew up flipping pancakes at an addiction recovery center in downtown Los Angeles with my family and I remember those mornings more then anything else. 

    Now my kids have caught the service bug and are so excited to think of ways to give back. We have the fondest memories of falling in the street as we try to run after leaving food and a tree on someone’s porch or handing a bag of food to the homeless people in our community. This year they are especially excited to clean up trash at the beach, pay for someone’s meal and decorate the trees at our senior living homes." -Cassundra Hull

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