Our Story

Our Story
Sarah here, founder and CEO at Plain Jane.  For years I dreamed of starting Plain Jane and I finally took the leap in 2015! Our four playful, cuddly little girls (Bentley, Sophie, Reece, and Winnie) are the inspiration for every piece we make.
When I started Plain Jane I was a 26-year-old mom of 3, a wife, a college student, and a photographer working to help pay for school. In early 2015, I couldn't shake the idea of starting a completely different path: creating comfortable clothing that was versatile, beautiful, and fuss free. I was inspired to make soft-as-can-be clothing that I would love and my girls would want to wear.  After our first few customers let us know their Plain Janes were making their daily routines cuter and smoother we knew we were onto something special!
Over the years Elle, founder of Solly Baby, has been a friend and small business mentor to me. In 2019 we crossed paths at an event and the brainstorming sparks flew. We met a few more times that summer and just as we’d suspected, it was a perfect fit. When our kids all became fast friends it truly felt like one big family. We are so happy to have the Rowley's on our team! They are not only amazing entrepreneurs but also incredible humans who make the world a better place. 
Finding happiness in the small, simple, and maybe plain things in life has brought our family so much joy. Thank you for being here, being a part of our story, and shopping small. We tend to brag that we have the best customers, because it’s true! We are truly so grateful for every single person who shops Plain Jane!
-xo sarah