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What inspired Plain Jane?

After playing with my girls one day I realized they needed something to lounge around in that was relaxed and playful. They wanted something that was soft and unique. That is when I came up with the "play gown." My girls have decided that their gowns are appropriate for every occasion, which is what inspired the women's dress.

We decided that not only was there a need for something new for little girls-there was something missing in women's fashion that hadn't been done yet. I wanted to make something for women of all ages, for every hour of the day, which is why we named it The Twenty Four Hour Dress. We want women to feel comfortable and confident in our dresses. The dress is also pregnancy and breastfeeding friendly, I wear mine daily and love that I can feed my daughter in it comfortably. Lets be honest, everything is better in your PJ's.

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