Halloween in your PJ's

October 27, 2016

     It’s safe to say that we love Halloween, creative simplicity, and of course, our amazing customers!  So with that in mind, we came up with our first addition of ‘How to dress up for Halloween’- the Plain Jane way.  We enjoyed sharing these on our Instagram page over the last few weeks and hope it may have sparked a few ideas (or even now, for those finding yourself in a pinch!) for those PJ gowns nestled in your drawers. 


Daydreamers, bookworms and adventurers, this one’s for you!


-Plain Jane gown (any shade of blue will do)

-White Apron (we found ours at Hobby Lobby for $5)

-White tights or stockings, paired with flats

-Fluffy tutu to add volume underneath (optional)

Top it off with a black bow, clip, headband- anything will do.  We found an easy DIY version using felt that we had on hand and made the over-sized one shown in the picture. 


 Miss Thundercloud


Do you have a future Weather Forecaster on your hands? A puddle-jumper?  Or how about just a little girl that loves to twirl an umbrella every chance she gets?  Come on whirlwind mama, you can whip this one up in no time!


-Plain Jane Dress (any one will do)

-Rain Boots

-White or clear umbrella

-Small bag of quilt batting

-Hot glue gun

Plain Jane Pirate 

Aaaarg you ready for Halloween? Get your feisty little miss ready to sail the seven parties she has booked this week in no time.


-Plain Jane Dress (our poppy stripe shift dress is perfect for this!)

-Pair it with her favorite old boots or flats she has in her closet

-Eye Patch & Clip-on earring, both can be found on Amazon for under $5!




Girls- in a land full of Tinkerbells, be a Wendy!  Strong, kind, confidant, and always seeking adventure!


-Plain Jane gown (any shade of blue will do)

-Cozy slippers

-Accessorize with a ribbon or bow


…and that’s a wrap!  We had so much fun with these- ideas are already buzzing for next years’ addition of PJ costumes!


Happy Halloween from the Plain Jane team!

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