A Mother's Tradition

December 24, 2016

One of the main reasons I started Plain Jane was because of a special Christmas Eve Tradition. I remember patiently waiting by my grandparents fireplace each year on Christmas Eve, waiting to open a new pair of PJ's It was one of my favorite traditions as a child we now do with ours. We LOVE seeing that @ericapatten's mom has the same tradition with her children and now grandchildren. Seeing that we have become a small part of your traditions has got to be one of our favorite "pinch me" moments to-date. 

"Ever since my girls were little our Christmas Eve tradition was to open new pajamas right before bed. I thought maybe when they grew up and left home that the tradition would end but instead it's just multiplied and become even more fun.
Now we've thrown son in laws and grandkids in the mix, but it's still my girls that look forward to it the most.
The last two years we've added a new tradition to the mix which is getting Plain Jane dresses. This is a gift that keeps on giving as we wear them day and night all year round.  Counting down the minutes until we get to lounge in them all Christmas Day....they are church appropriate right?"- Phoebe

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