Growing Traditions

December 23, 2016

Meet Miko! Mother of 6 beautiful children, ranging from ages 21 years old all the way down to six. If you follow her on Instagram you'll notice each day is spent with her children, usually in her (gorgeous!) kitchen cooking up something wonderful. She speaks so sweetly of each child individually and oozes kindness. I am so grateful she decided to share a little bit with us on how to keep family traditions alive even when your children range from a verity of ages!

"Christmas time is my very favorite because to me it means 100% pure family time, and there is just nothing better than that. Every year on Christmas Eve I make a huge batch of sugar cookies and we decorate them as a family. As the years go on and our family has continued to grow the size of the batch of cookies I prepare does too! It's been so fun to watch my kids decorating skills evolve and grow, it's quite a competition now to see who can make the most professionally decorated cookie. While we save some for us and of course pick the best ones for Santa, we also deliver some to our neighbors as a Christmas Eve treat made with love from our whole family. It's a tradition that I look forward to all year long."


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