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Meet Olivia Herrick

Q: I'd love to hear your story and how you first got started with your business?
My love of graphic design started back when I was in high school, by the time I was 13 or 14 I knew that I wanted to be a graphic designer. My mom is exceptionally creative and raised us in a really fun and energetic environment so I was immersed in a creative life pretty early on. I went to school at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa where I got a degree in Graphic Design and also a degree in Journalism! From there I went on to work for six years before running my studio full time. I learned so much in my first three jobs, they were really wonderful years. 
Q: How has being a mom influenced your creativity?
Whew – in so many ways! I think I am more comfortable embracing imperfection now. My priorities have definitely changed in some ways – I feel much more centered and at peace with my core values which makes creative work come with a bit less stress. I just feel like everything flows more freely now. 
Q: What's your favorite piece of work?
It's always changing! I think I love something until I create something else. I am constantly trying new styles / methods / aesthetics. Something I wrote recently that I do still feel in alignment with is "Don't fall so in love with the future that you miss out on the here and now." 
Q: You have an amazing way with words, have you always loved to add creative writing to your work?
Writing is something that I have always enjoyed, I got a degree in journalism so I had exposure to a lot of different writing styles and assignments. I love it all! My mom also recently unearthed a pile of my childhood artwork and there was a drawing from 8 year old Olivia that said "tomorrow is a brand new day" – so I guess you could say I have been doing this for a long time :) 
Q: Where do you feel most creative?
My studio is really where I do 95% of my work and somewhere I feel very much at home. It's a small space, but is a great fit for my business. I feel most alive and inspired in nature, but I need to get back into a "work" environment to really translate that inspiration into the digital realm. 
Q: Breakfast in bed (wearing your Plain Jane's of course!), what would you order?
Breakfast potatoes and avocado toast with extra lime! 
Q:Tell us about something you love to do outside of work?
I love to play golf – I play competitively so I am either training or playing in a tournament all summer long! It's a great competitive outlet and something that brings me a lot of joy.