Sleep-in Beach Waves

Sleep-in Beach Waves

August 30, 2018

My Movie from Sarah Webb on Vimeo.



During the summer the girls and I created this video of their sleep-in-beach-waves. I am so glad they love this style so much because it works great during the school year! It's so nice that I can give their straight hair a little texture without having to use a curling iron, no one has time for that during those early mornings before school. 

I simple braid their hair, I prefer to do a dutch braid instead of the traditional French brain because it waves the hair away from the face. We make sure we always spray a little Tubby Todd Detangler in it. The girls love to read the bottle and smell it while I do their hair. It not only helps get the tangles out but prevents it from getting frizzy when brushing through it. 

Once we are done braiding it then its off to bed, Sophie decided to loose her other front tooth this night-seriously cracks me up that she goes from one to two front teeth missing overnight.

After waking up we take the braids out, brush through it, and add an accessory if needed. If the hair is a little hard to tame I suggest using an oil in it to help maintain the frizz! Since my girls have very straight hair and no issues with too much frizz we didnt need to use any oils. If you deide to add oil be sure to stay away from the roots, that will only make the hair look greasy.


And thats it! A simple tutorial from just a mom who has been doing her little girls hair since 2009. Do you have a favorite sleep-in hairstyle?

Featuring the mesa pink smock dress and citrus dotted smock dress. 

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