5 Tips to Make Bedtime A Breeze

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February 22, 2023

The end of the day can be exhausting. You’ve conquered homework, afternoon play, appointments and activities, and then dinnertime…it makes sense that you’re totally wiped out! If you find yourself dreading the jump into your kid’s bedtime routine, we brainstormed a few of our favorite ways to help slow down, breathe deep, and make the most of the sunset hours. Give one (or all!) of these a try, and drop any tips we forgot into the comments to help other parents out!

  1. Get in your PJs—We’re talking to the tired parents here! There is nothing, I repeat, nothing worse than putting the kids to bed while wearing jeans. It makes all the difference to get comfy before it begins. Grab your favorite jogger set or lounge pants! We promise your physical comfort will translate into external calm and patience when the 7:30 pm chaos kicks in.
  2. Tubby Todd bath essentials—Make bath time more fun with bubbles and kid-approved scents! You probably know by now that Tubby Todd is our number one must-have around here. Their bath essentials are truly the BEST for everyone in the family, and we love that they’re even soothing on sensitive skin. Get started with the Regulars Bundle and Bubble Bath!
  3. Snuggly story time—Don’t just read a book; grab a favorite blanket and snuggle up! Everyone will love spending that quality time together before the day ends, and cuddling close helps everyone feel safe and loved. Lately we've been reading Agnes and the Sheep, written by our dear friend Elle Rowley, on repeat!
  4. Diffuse soothing scents—Prep for a good night's sleep by diffusing some soothing scents. We love blends with lavender or chamomile to help us feel sleepy and relaxed. The more you integrate those calming scents into your routine, the quicker your family will start to associate them with unwinding! This diffuser is over fave and comes in so many fun colors!
  5. Repeat affirmations together—Remind your kids (and yourself) that you're loved and safe. It might feel silly or cheesy at first, but affirmations really do stay with us and help ease our hearts and minds! Browse affirmation ideas on Pinterest or choose your own based on what you and your kids need most (or listen to the Affirmation Song with Snoop Dogg; it’s SO cute!). We love “Mistakes help me learn and grow,” “My feelings are important!” and “It is enough when I do my best.” 

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