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Devine Family of Four


Sometimes the thought of taking photos with a newborn is daunting. We absolutely love the way Hailey Devine styled this in-home newborn session. Sweet little Lucy is wearing our Cloud Blue Flutter Sleeve dress which is soft enough to cuddle up to baby sister, and fun enough to jump on the bed with Mom + Dad.

We are sharing some of our favorite tips and tricks when it comes to planning newborn photos.

Don't stress it:

The more calm you are, the more calm baby will be. Speak with your photographer ahead of time and tell them what you are envisioning. Sometimes the occasional diaper change (look how cute Greta is on her changing table below) and real life mothering makes for beautiful moments captured.  Create your own memories and don't worry about that entire Pinterest board you created for this, just go with the flow!


Wait, what? Yes, temperature! We lived in Colorado when our second daughter was born and it was freezing that winter. I decided to bring a space heater into my room to warm things up a bit-and it helped keep her asleep.  The same goes with families in warmer climates, make sure your baby isn't bundled up and overheating. (This is all personal preference, please use at your own caution, if you decide to use a space heater make sure it is not close to the baby and not sitting on or near anything flammable.)

When to feed the baby:

Now this may be different for each baby, but rule of thumb is to feed the baby right before the photographer arrives. That way you have a good window of time to take some pictures and you can start as soon as they get there. Before you feed the baby we suggest feeding them in what they are wearing for pictures that day. If your baby tends to spit up often or have reflux I would suggest the opposite. I would feed them an hour before the photographer shows up and wait to change them so their tiny tummy can settle. Each baby is different, so I say trust your instinct and going with what feels right for you. Sticking to your normal feeding routine is important and photographers understand this, so keeping them in the loop on when works best for you is important.

Over prepare:

You can never have enough baby wipes, burp cloths, diapers, and backup outfits on hand. Newborn sessions are either surprisingly seamless, or a little unexpected. I've experienced both as a mom. You will never regret having an abundance supplies in case of emergency.  As prepared as you are something will go unplanned and that's okay! Photographers who work with newborns are used to the nursing breaks and other newborn session realities.

Get in the pictures:

20 years from now you and your children will love looking back on photos that capture your entire family. As cute & adorable as newborns are it is such a beautiful time in a mother's, father's and sibling's life too! We suggest treating yourself  to a shower (you know you are a mom when a shower becomes a treat!) the night before or morning of photos to help you feel refreshed,  wear something comfortable, and focus on the way you feel not look. I love the way Hailey wore a loose dress and natural makeup.

I hope these tips can be helpful as you welcome those little ones home. Thank you Devine family on sharing these gorgeous family pictures with us!




photos by: Black Bird Photography