Story behind Steve the Star

November 27, 2016



     Here's our story, or as much of it that we could get in a 3 minute video. I am documenting some extra details below in case you want to read more of our story.

     It all started five years ago when Kam was reading to our daughter like he did every night, as I type this my eyes fill with happy tears because in this very moment he is doing the same thing he did five years ago.

     He came out of her room, looked at me and exclaimed, "I want to write a book, I want to write one for our girls!" We then went into deep conversation about wanting to put out a book that had good content, but at the time we had no money and no resources to do so. That very night against the odds that we faced of every actually having the  resources to publish it, he sat down and started writing "Steve the Star." We continued on our daily lives for the next little while and I didn't go a day without hearing the words and dreams of "Steve the Star."

     Once Kamron was finished we knew we wanted to hire a local artist. I had been following along Paige Christensen's artwork for a while and wanted her have her beautiful paintings for the illustrations. We first met at a local bakery and talked about the book, our dreams, her dreams, and everything under the sun for hours. Over the course of a year we both experienced moves, having babies, raising babies, & the daily life of young families. We discussed every detail throughout that time. During that year, somehow, the artwork was complete and perfect.

     While it was finishing, a new entrepreneurial dream was lingering in my heart that I couldn't shake, Plain Jane. Kam finally told me to go 100% in the business and we could spend time doing his book later. We decided to put the book on hold and start putting our savings into Plain Jane. The process of getting everything ready to launch for that took longer than imagined-but we did it! We started our very own small business and we were completely blown away by the immediate response of launching the shop. I thought we would have the extra time and money to start publishing the book but we were completely thrown into the realities of owning a small business, aka having no free time to start a new project.

     Over the last year I have been working extra hours each week on designing and figuring out how to self publish a book. With the help of knowledgeable small business owners and other resources available we finally were able to make it happen. I cannot say how thankful I am for all of the wonderful people who have encouraged us along the way. It has been a journey that we are so appreciative of.

     Steve the Star is a children's book about a star who learns how to believe himself again. Steve finds love in being a star after wanting to be anything but who he was. It's a beautiful children's book for the families to enjoy together. It's small enough to fit in any bag but sturdy enough for tiny hands to hold and play with. Young children fall in love and stay in engaged because of the beautiful illustrations and sweet words.

Thank you for following along our journey!!


xo, The whole Webb fam

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