Hospital Bag must-haves!

Hospital Bag must-haves!

February 24, 2022


With each one of my births I found myself over prepared for baby…and under prepared for myself! Your hospital go-bag doesn’t need to be packed to the gills, but having a few thoughtful, specific items can make your stay a lot more comfortable. Having the essentials on hand helps you keep your focus on what really matters: time with your sweet new baby and your own recovery!

A few weeks ago we polled our incredible Instagram community on the hospital-stay items they’re glad they had…or wish they had! Everyone totally came through with the advice, and this list has our favorites along with the most-suggested items from Instagram.

Tubby Todd mama gift set - This set is perfect for pregnancy and those first few weeks! From belly oil to nipple balm to hand cream, they've got you covered.

Walker Family Goods Duffle Bag - This is my favorite duffel, and Kam steals it all the time as his go-to bag to pack when traveling!

My favorite skin cleanse + washable makeup remover rounds - These are from Dailey Essential Oil Co, and there's truly nothing better than having a clean face post-baby (especially if you’re not able to shower right away!). The makeup remover rounds are the perfect size to do a cleanse in bed, and they have a bag to put them back into when dirty…genius!

My favorite lip mask - My lips were so dry in the hospital! After experiencing all the wonderful experiences of birth, it felt really good to have my favorite chapstick on hand. This is technically a lip mask, but I totally use it throughout the day! You can also find it in a tube for easier application.

My favorite PJ robe + Jogger Set in Black to go home in - Our jogger set has a 2-inch waistband that is an absolute gift on postpartum bellies! We’ve heard from c-section mamas that they’re even comfortable over incisions. Plain Jane robes are perfectly soft for newborn cuddles, and they also work really well for nursing if you’d like a little extra coverage.

Favorite pillow - I found this pillow a few months ago and I love it so much! New parents have to make the most of every minute of sleep we get, am I right?! I wished I had brought a pillow from home for my deliveries!

Soft nursing bra- This style of bra is perfect for nursing! This is the same style I used with my babies and the wrap front makes for easy access and maximum comfort, even at night.

Postpartum underwear - I didn’t have period underwear post-kids but really wish I had! I've heard so many amazing things about these undies and several mama friends on Instagram recommended them, too.

Shoes for showering and walking in - I love that these are washable and waterproof! They’re easy to rinse off all of those hospital germs when you get home, and comfortable enough to wear out. If you deliver in the winter time I’d suggest wearing a hardsole slipper like this instead.

Extended phone charger or charging station - You need your batteries fully charged for all those important picture ops!

Notebook - I always keep a Goldencoil notebook in my purse to write notes. I highly recommend having a spot to write down those memories while they’re fresh! We also really love promptly journals over here!

Maedn Carry All bag - I love this bag for keeping your items separate, organized, and easily accessible.

I loved having my go-to daily skincare and toiletries with me! It made the hospital feel more like home and helped me feel like myself again after delivery.

Wanna hear what other mamas have to say? Head to our Instagram post! The comments section is filled with suggestions from parents who have been there and done it all. What would you add to this list?

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