Meet Berry Aktuglu

Meet Berry Aktuglu

December 04, 2021


Q:I'd love to hear your story of becoming an artist, how did you get started?


Even though my education and past work experiences are business related but not art based, I started drawing when I was working for marketing departments of diverse industries. I was craving to turn those boring plastic packaging into alluring products with our in-house creative team.

So, I think this was 10 years ago from now, the start of my personal training; while I was continuing my day job, in the evenings I started reading about art and illustration, practiced, tried different mediums, practiced more and more.


When I felt confident enough, I created my playground: Atelier Mave. There is no age for learning; I am still growing as Mave grows. She is my first baby!:)


Q: What part about being a mom are you most excited to experience?


Honestly, the only thing I think about and makes me so excited is the moment I will meet with him!

I am so curious about his little face or tiny fingers or his thin, baby voice; I think once I have him in my arms, I will want to stop time and stare at him all day!


Q: What's your favorite piece of work you've created?


This is difficult to answer, because each project has a special place in my heart. 

But from my personal works, I can say, I really enjoyed working on my childrens art prints "Rise & Shine" and "Feelings" posters.

Also drawing dogs and adding humorous gestures to them is where I find myself drawing more frequently than others.


Q: What inspires your art?

Nature and daily life is my main vein of inspiration. 

Also, I can count vintage childrens books, old traditional textile works, paintings from Henri Matisse, Henri Rousseau, Édouard Vuillard, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec and  Maira Kalman are my favourites.


Q: Where do you feel most creative?

I feel more complete in my studio; covered with my tools, a hot cup of coffee, books and my sketchbooks where I am alone and can listen only my own voice to draw little stories. 


Q: Breakfast in bed (wearing your Plain Jane's of course!), what would you order?

Oh, how dreamy and comfortable! Then I'd prefer to have my comfort food; a pain au chocolat, a cappuccino and a freshly squeezed mix fruit juice, please!:)

Q: Out of all the beautiful places you've lived, which one is your favorite?


I moved to Berlin almost two years ago and unfortunately it coincided with the pandemic which tucked the whole world at home, so I am recently discovering the art scenes, jazz venues or the different food options around the world that Berlin offers and I am mesmerized!

And I am also excited for our life after having our baby; Berlin has many parks and activities for the kids.

Though, south of Italy, Greek islands and west of Turkey are definitely where you can find me during summertime, I love the easiness of these coastal sites.

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